Flu and Corona

21 July, 2020

In 2020 everything is different.

The Dutch government provides the flu-shot voor children and adults that have high risk. For more info:  www.rivm.nl/griepprik

Flushot and pneumokokkenshot:
Everybody who has been born between 1-1-1941 en 31-12-1947 will also get the pneumokokken-shot. For info: www.rivm.nl/pneumokokkenprik

No indication:
Do you have no indication as stated by the Dutch government? Then we can not provide you with vaccinations.

To vaccinate you safe, we will do it all different then usual. Also later in the year. We will inform you by letter.

Corona and flu:
The symptoms of flu and Corona are similar. If you get symptoms, call the GGD to get tested. Call 0800-1202. They need your BSN.

Do not come to the practice:
If you develop symptoms, do not come to the practice. Cancel your appointment. You could infect others. We need the practice to be a safe environment for patients and employees.

Stay at home. Get tested through the GGD. Only contact the practice or the 24-hour-doctors if you develop serious symptoms.

GP close to home:
Do you get serious symptoms? There is a possibility that the GP needs to visit you at home. That is only possible if you live close to the practice. Look on the map